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Becoming an Interior Designer

Interior designers need to be creative, imaginative and artistic. They also need to be disciplined, organized and skilled business people. Combining aesthetic vision with practical skills and knowledge, interior designers work with clients to develop design solutions that are “aesthetically appealing, technically sophisticated and pragmatically satisfying.”

Areas of Design Specialization

Designers work in a wide range of settings, both commercial and residential. Surveys indicate that a majority of designers practice at least part of the time in both the residential and commercial areas, although they tend to favor one or the other.

Because commercial designers must be knowledgeable about their clients’ business needs, most concentrate within design specialties, such as designing for the hospitality or health care industries. Some restrict themselves to particular subspecialties, for example, designing restaurants or residential kitchens and baths. A few work in highly specialized fields, like designing interiors for airplanes or yachts, or doing historic conservation or restoration.

Skills for Success

As members of a service profession, interior designers’ fortunes depend on their ability to satisfy clients. Thus, they must possess three important skill sets-artistic and technical skills, interpersonal skills and management skills:

  • Designers must know how to plan a space and how to render that plan visually, so that it can be conveyed to the client. They must also be knowledgeable about the materials and products that will be used to create and furnish the space, and about how texture, color, lighting and other factors combine and interact to give a space its “feel” or “look.” In addition, they must understand the structural requirements of their plans, the health and safety issues, building codes, and many other technical aspects.
  • Designers must be comfortable meeting and dealing with many kinds of people. They must communicate clearly and effectively, as well as be attentive listeners. Because they often must work collaboratively with architects, contractors, and other service providers, designers need to be both good team leaders and good team players. They must be willing to negotiate and mediate when necessary to resolve problems.
  • Designers must have excellent time and project management skills, since they frequently work on more than one project at a time, under demanding deadlines, while looking for new projects or clients. They must be able to develop and execute business plans in order to protect and grow their practices. They need to know how to market themselves to clients, to create informative and persuasive proposals and presentations, and to maintain good client relationships.

Occupational Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. about three out of 10 interior designers are self-employed—four times the proportion for all professional and related occupations. About two out of 10 wage and salary interior designers work in specialized design services. Another one out of 10 worked in firms offering architectural and landscape architectural services. The remainder of interior designers provided design services in furniture and home furnishing stores, building material and supplies dealers, and residential building construction companies. Many interior designers also performed freelance work in addition to holding a salaried job in design or in another occupation.

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6 Photography Tips for Shooting Interiors Like a Pro

Finally, a good reason to clean your room.

Mama always told us that it s what s on the inside that matters most and this saying is especially true when branding your business. You may not have thought of this at first, but when it comes to designing your online space, nothing can make your clients feel more comfortable than including shots of your physical storefront. Whether you ve got a beautiful boutique, cool restaurant, cozy bed breakfast or a swanky law firm a few photos of the inside of your space can be just what you need on your new website to align your business s branding across the board.

No matter if you re calling in a professional photographer or taking the photos yourself, there are a few tricks of the trade to make your indoor shots look irresistible.

Follow these tips to shoot interiors profesionally

Choose the Right Perspective

Before you start snapping your business s space, take a second and decide what impression you d like to give your viewers. Do you want to give them a warm welcome by shooting your office s entrance? Or maybe your impressive space calls for a panoramic point of view? Once you ve figured out what impression you re looking to make, you ll have an easier time deciding where to physically place your camera in order to achieve your goal.

  • Use Correct Lighting

    Let s talk lighting. When shooting interior spaces, finding the right light for your purpose can be a little tricky. As with many things in photography, the time of day you take your pics effects how your photos turn out. Attempting to set a more romantic or serious mood? Schedule your shoot for the evening. On the contrary, if you re looking to show off the high-energy of your pilates studio, you ll want to utilize natural light and open those window blinds for a morning shoot.

    As a rule of thumb, your goal is to balance the light in your space so that you avoid both over-lit and under-lit spots in your shot. Sometimes all it takes is some extra lamp lighting and a pull of the shades to achieve the mood you re after.

    Wide Angles

    Looking to capture a whole lot of space with just a little bit of equipment? These days, even most cellphone cameras come with a panorama stitch option. With a little practice and a careful eye, you can create a cool wide-view of your entire space.

    For a full view effect with a fun twist, you can also use a wide-angle lens. Generally speaking, lenses ranging from 16mm to 24mm will give you an optimal wide shot of the interior. Wider than that and you risk perspective distortion.

    Feeling fancy? Get a birds eye view of your space by using a drone.

  • Eliminate Blurring

    Even if you have the steady hands of a surgeon, there’s no reason to risk blurry images. Use a tripod to keep your indoor shots looking sharp. As an extra stabilizing measure, use your camera timer to make sure the shot is untainted by any movement that your excited fingers may have caused.

  • Set Up Your Space

    Didn t your mother ever tell you to clean your room. Whatever space you re shooting, take the time to tidy up to give your photos a more manicured and editorial look. Don t be afraid to bring some accessories to your indoor shoot to create a certain vibe. Sometimes all it takes is a stack of magazines on a coffee table or a fancy laptop on the desk to create the look you re after. In other cases, you might want to rearrange furniture or remove them all together in order to highlight or conceal certain parts of the room.

    Be Versatile

    Interior photography considerations can vary a great deal depending on the size of the space, the items located in it and the purpose of your shoot. Whether you’re in real estate, furniture design, or have a stylish shop, keep in mind what parts of your interior you want to show off. The most important part of shooting your space? Have fun! Include your staff and any other quirks that make your business unique.

    Whether it s your sports studio s wall of champions, the fresh produce in your restaurant, or the decore in your stylish shop, keep in mind what parts of your interior you want to show off. The most important part of shooting your space? Have fun! Include your staff and any other quirks that make your business unique.

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    415 Perth Architects and Building Designers

    Is the scope of your home design project beyond simply replacing countertops or flooring? It’s the responsibility of a home architect to transform human needs and desires into visual concepts and habitable structures. When you hire an architectural designer, you are not only hiring someone for their architectural services, but also to manage and coordinate other parties involved in the project. As you search through Perth interior architects and designers, keep in mind the following tips to help you choose the perfect one: More

    Home Designers in Perth, Western Australia. Specialising in unique homes with a focus on environmentally friendly. Read More

    • 433844211
    • Perth. Western Australia. 6020. Australia

    Perth’s Independent Label Architectural Firm

    We are not your usual architects. We are refreshingly different. We create value collaborating with clients. See my projects

    Award winning designer – Building Designer | Interior Designer WINNER OF “Best of HOUZZ 2015+2016 Design award” Read More

    • +61 8 9381 5111
    • West Leederville. Western Australia. 6007. Australia

    List your business here for free – Learn More

    How do I find the best architect for my home design project?

    It is best to hire a home architect who will be involved in all phases of the design process, from the initial concept to the completed construction. The architect is often the first person you will hire for your project. If necessary, they might also help you select and hire subcontractors, which can include the builders, engineers and landscaper. Interior architects are also involved in negotiating contracts for all involved participants. It is for these reasons that it is extremely important for you to have a good relationship with the residential architect you hire. He or she can be the tie-breaking vote between you and the general contractor and can be your biggest advocate during the construction process. Different architecture firms in Perth provide different services, so the scope of the work can span from pre-design environmental impact studies to selecting furniture and finishes, depending on what your specific needs are.

    What sort of process can I expect from a residential architect?

    As far as the process goes, the architecture firm or individual that you choose will start with concept drawings and finish with construction drawings and documents. Some firms even design with 3D renderings and videos, but that should not be assumed. There should be plenty of meetings between you and your building designer until you have agreed upon a design that you are completely happy with. Always keep in mind that the designer will have building codes to follow, and likely pre-existing design limitations when dealing with a remodel, so while they might not be able to execute your exact ideas they always have your safety and aesthetics in mind. One of the most important duties of a residential architect is to serve as managers and supervise most aspects of construction, as well as facilitate communication between all other contractors, so you can expect them to be present throughout the entire building process to ensure everything is executed as planned.

    It is very important to hire the right professional for the job. Remember that the most well-known or established designer might not provide the best architectural services for your needs. It all comes down to the individual project. Research and ask people whose work you like for recommendations. It’s important to have somewhat of an idea of the style of house architecture that you prefer, as well as the amount you would like to spend. Residential architects in Perth are natural problem solvers. They will assess the entire situation and help you to solve your problems too. Don’t settle for a single company too early. Call and interview a few. Make sure that you feel like your personalities will mesh well and that you like their professional perspective.

    Questions to ask prospective interior architects:

    • What is your fee structure?
    • What does the cost include?
    • Do you have professional liability insurance?
    • Can you handle my special requests (ADA, LEED etc.)?
    • What types of renderings (3D, video, illustrative) will you produce?
    • What is your experience with similar projects?
    • When do you expect to start and be finished with the project?
    • What do your services include? (It’s best that the services are until construction is completed.)
    • What happens when the cost exceeds the budget?
    • Can you provide me with references?
    • Would you say your work has a defining style? (This is important in case the architect’s personal style will interfere with your vision.)
    • Will you help with hiring a general contractor and subcontractors?
    • What do you estimate the cost will be?
    • What will I need to provide?
    • Are there any complications you foresee with this project?

    Find a home architect in Perth on Houzz. Narrow your search in the Professionals section of the website to architects. You may also look through photos of projects to find interior architects and building designers who have worked on a project similar to yours.

    Professional Categories in Perth

    Professional Metro Areas

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    ID Interior Designers is an innovative professional interior design practice which has been operating since 1992.

    We believe in both imagination in design and functionality. We are committed to clearly understanding our clients’ needs, desires and ultimate vision for their project, by providing a personalised service where our clients are involved in every aspect of a project.

    Ultimately Knowledge and Experience + Unbiased Opinions and Inventive Materials = design solutions that surprise, delight, influence and succeed.

    We cover all aspects of interior design and complete project co-ordination. From a one off consultation service, through to the complete design and fit out of a multinational company’s corporate headquarters. We successfully undertake corporate, residential and commercial projects, of any size.

    Interior Design Services: budget analysis, detailed design documentation, space planning, property occupancy and space evaluation, selection of colours and finishes, special joinery design, signage, lighting, data and electrical design, furniture design, selection and supply, supply of window treatments and curtains, supply of lighting, accessories and artwork.

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    “We had the fortune of meeting Kristen Thomas after going under contract on a home remodel/expansion. The builder had hired Kristen to consult on the design of the home and to work with the buyers on interior and exterior finishes. From the moment we first met Kristen, she was a delight to work with. Her design selections were fantastic. Kristen worked with us on every phase of design: hard surface selection, flooring, wall color, bathroom hardware, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, door selection, built-ins, exterior color scheme, etc. Kristen did it all. Even though she technically worked for the builder, you could sense that it was her true desire to make sure our house was exactly the way we wanted it. We were so impressed with Kristen, that we hired her to help select new furniture for our house, as well as floor and window treatments. Kristen even designed a custom piece of furniture for us. We cannot recommend Kristen more highly. She is talented, professional, courteous, prompt and overall just a wonderful person to work with.”

    Kevin and Kendall, Denver

    “Studio Thomas is amazing. They helped me design and decorate several rooms in my existing house and are currently helping me design my next house. Their team is professional and they really knows their stuff and not to mention, a joy to be around. I love that they can design for any aesthetic. They know exactly what I want even when I don’t know it myself! They also stayed within my budget, which is always a plus! I love Studio Thomas and their designs and highly recommend their services. “

    Whitney from Parker, Colorado

    “I am so grateful to Studio Thomas for their expert opinion. I could not have done this without them. They have made my house so beautiful. People are nuts not to hire a designer. Their advise has been the greatest return on my investment. “

    Stacey from Parker, Colorado

    Claudia Goodwin, Parker Co.

    “I recently bought my first house, and came into the new living situation with virtually zero furnishings. I let Studio Thomas work their magic on the blank canvas, and their team was able to create a remarkable space with unique features that were well aligned with my taste. They truly have talent for decor and design. I am very happy with the end result.”

    Collin Denver, CO

    “My husband and I turned to Studio Thomas to help us finish up an extensive remodel on our home. The team has been so invaluable to us since they came on board. Our only regret is that we didn’t get Studio Thomas involved right from the start! They are so creative and fun to work with. Each member of their team has an incredible amount of energy and passion. We enjoyed working with them so much on our remodel that we decided to have them help us design/decorate our house as well. It’s been a blast! Thank you Studio Thomas! We are so thrilled with everything you have done for us.”

    Megan from Parker, Colorado

    “Studio Thomas was a tremendous resource for me when fixing up an investment property. They managed all aspects of the project. This entailed the scheduling and supervision of the numerous vendors and contractors that were in and out of the house on a daily basis, as well as selecting amazing designs for everything from tile to lighting fixtures, and countertops to appliances. The staff at Studio Thomas has an incredible knack for knowing how to make things appear special and stand out. If you are in need of a super creative interior designer firm for your home or investment properties, I highly recommend you contact Studio Thomas!”

    Seth Jensen, Parker, Colorado