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Re-thinking the Funeral Home Design

Architects and Designers Looking to Transform the Way We Process Death

Spaces that process death funeral homes, family tombs, crematoria are traditionally housed within structures that either perpetuate their morbid reputation or attempt to mask their purpose altogether. They are low-lying, dark, heavy buildings with outdated design and architecture. They seem to try to hide and apologize for what their existence stands for.

But, there are some modern architects who are trying to transform the traditional approach to these spaces, to design these environments with more energy and reverence for life. They are designing positive, life-affirming spaces where the dead are honored and their loved ones can process their loss in peace.

Over the coming weeks Soulful Expressions will take a look at some of these modern spaces, designed by renowned architects around the world.

Funeral Home and Garden at Pinoso, Alicante, Spain

The Funeral Home and Gardens for the Town Council of Pinoso was designed by architectural firm COR Associates. with a clear focus to the experience of being in the building. Nothing here is left to coincidence conscious design decisions create the resulting light, sound, temperature, and humidity that create the desired environment. The result is an environment that treats its users with the respect and sensitivity needed in such a space.

The funeral home is located at the edge of town, surrounded by rural vegetation, and buffered from adjacent buildings by what the architects call a vegetation mattress twenty-nine Japanese maples. As they grow, the trees will provide an increasing privacy from the building s immediate surroundings.

The building includes six internal courtyards with full-height glazing, allowing visitors to connect with the outside, and adding to aesthetics of this controlled environment.

Most notable about the Funeral Home at Pinoso is its low cost the building was completed for just €430,000 (about $575,000 USD).

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Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Room

Living in a small home or apartment does not mean that you cannot have a stylish and comfortable home and that you fell limited when it comes to options of designing your home. There are several ideas that you can use to make your home, particularly your living room, look larger and also make use of every space you got. Here are some of these ideas.

Choose soft and light colors on the walls, such as light blue, yellow, and other pastels. They will make your small space look bigger.

The same goes for the flooring, choosing light hardwood for the floors will look great in a small space and it will beautifully match with your light-colored walls. However, if you live in a rented house or in an apartment where you are cannot change your flooring, then apply the same principle on the carpets. Choose carpets that are in light shades.

Fabrics can also play a role in making your living room look bigger. For example, if you chose bulky curtains that blocks light then it will immediately make your room look smaller. Instead, choose decorative shades or blinds, or you can use sheer panels or lightweight drapes. Hang them several inches above the actual window, and choose panels that are longer in length, and that will make your room appear taller and add visual space.

As for furniture. it can either help create space or enclose a space. Choose furniture that gives you storage options. For example, choose a coffee table that has multiple drawers underneath, or an ottoman that opens up with storage space inside. This will help you to keep your room clutter-free and add extra storage options without adding more furniture.

What can also help you with your interior design is choosing the right art piece because it draws the eye to something interesting, and away from other areas of the room you may not want to focus on. For example, you can use an abstract art piece or a unique sculpture.

The following breathtaking pictures illustrate clearly how you can benefit from this arrangement of decor .

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House Dat! Interior Designs India

Guest Room Interior Design Styles by Ashwin Architects

Increasingly, trends in Interior designs India are growing towards contemporary styles with perspective of traditional Indian characteristics. From house interior designs to restaurants, spas, public spaces and offices, vibrant colors and mindful textures are doing up spaces in every innovative forms.

Luxurious Interior Designs in India by Ashwin Architects

Textures ranging from a wide range of woods are being used in fixtures, screens, roof and wall elements. Marble tiles and specially crafted masonry walls with deep vibrant hues are creating a series of styles that are reminiscent of the very colorful and traditional local cultures.

Trendy Baskets For Interior Designs India

Beautiful hand woven Indian baskets have been popular since long as interior design accessories. Hand crafted by tribals from wide spread heartlands of india, these baskets can be some of the best accessories for your new house interiors. And in case you can t lay your hands on some of these wonders, you can buy online and in stores that sell chic, rustic and country style interior decorating accessories.

Interior Designs India For Contemporary Attitude.

Dinning Room Interior Designs India Ranganath s Residence

Thanks to excellent architecture styles that are tailored to custom requirements, innovative interior designs too are taking firm ground. At Ashwin Architects, special focus is on utilizing the available space and create the best contemporary designs.

Few Changes For Interesting Influences In Interior Designs

Contemporary Look Interior Designs India

  1. Lighting. Try making some changes in the lighting of your rooms and see how it transforms the décor. Latest launches in LEDs and CFLs are making these very changes energy efficient and a real new way to give your home a complete new look.
  2. Wall Colors. A little experimentation with the colors of your house walls can also work wonders. Little changes in some parts of selective walls can bring a new look to respective rooms and the house on a whole. Like coloring one of the walls in a room with dark paint and keep other walls of lighter shades.
  3. Natural Stone. Keep some artifacts made of Natural stone at strategic locations in your house. Even slates made of natural stones can be used for roofing of your house. So can the fine textures of granites and marbles be used to make flat surfaces and fireplaces more beautiful.
  4. Candles. Aromatic candles are hardly expensive and can be found commonly in home furnishing stores and online outlets. They come in various decorative designs, scented forms, as decorative columns and create perfect homely atmosphere.
  5. Decorative Rugs Mats. They make for beautiful interior designs in India. Rugs are Environmentally Friendly and come is some classic designs. Rugs offer the best interior design at affordable costs giving the spaces a traditional as well as contemporary look.

Ashwin Architectsis the name for Interior and Architectural services. The firm commenced its operations to “bridge the divide” between the buildings spaces emerging in the urban setup, and the peoples’ perception regarding that space. Attention to develop meaningful interface between people and their surroundings in an efficient manner, helps them to offer eco-friendly and contemporary designs for residential commercial spaces. Please feel free to contact Mr. Ashwin Ananth with your queries on architecture, house plans, interior design and vastu compliant home designs.

Company Name: Ashwin Architects

Contact Person: Mr. Ashwin

Address: No. 23, Ratnavilas Road, Basavangudi, Bengaluru – Karnataka-560 004 (India)

Phone No: +91-9019377000

Mobile No: +(91)-9845605777

If you are looking for some contemporary Interior Designs India, add Ashwin Architects to your list. Contact today.

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Latest Trends in Home Decorating and Interior Design 2015

Lushome shares latest trends in home decorating that define modern ideas for creating unique, rich and beautiful summer decorating. This collection of home decor accessories and lighting fixtures demonstrate the latest trends and offer inspiring items for creating attractive and stylish interior decorating or home staging with rich and neutral color combinations and beautiful materials.

Modern decorating ideas, unique home decor accessories and lighting fixtures can dramatically transform rooms, creating pleasant interiors and prepare homes for gorgeous presentations when you need to sell your properties. The latest trends in home decorating are inspiring and bring lots of interesting ideas that you can steal and use for creative and bright interior decorating.

Expensive decorating materials, rich color accents, nature inspired designs, ethnic motifs, transparency and shine are latest trends in home decorating that can brighten up and style modern interior design, beautify home decorating ideas and create fabulous home staging in 2015.

Latest trends in home decorating and interior design

Pendant lights suspended with metal chains

1. Expensive decorating materials

Imitation of expensive and semi-precious stones, home decor accessories and lighting fixtures that look like jewelry pieces are one of modern interior design trends for 2015. Diamond decoration patterns and shiny metal details, chains and lamp bases add bright elements to modern interior design and home decorating 2015.

Table lamp with beautiful base featuring diamond pattern

2. Shiny surfaces

Shiny metal and ceramics, natural stone surfaces and colored glass are modern interior design trends that help create festive, attractive and energetic home interiors.

3. Rich room colors and white decorating ideas

Saturated room colors and rich colorful accents are one of the latest trends in home decorating that can be used in any season. Bright room colors and accent color shades enliven modern interior design and can be used for emphasizing unique home decorating ideas. Snow-white and gray color tones can be combined with turquoise blue color accents that bring stylish Mediterranean charm into modern interior design.

Light interior decorating ideas, perfect for summer home decorating

4. Nature inspired designs

Natural motifs and nature inspired images are wonderful trends in home decorating that enhance interior design in eco style. Mirror frames adorned with ivy leaves or lamps decorated with corals details, nature inspired figurines and decoration patterns are a beautiful way to add chic to interior design and home decorating. Semiprecious stones and wooden crafts, metal and colored glass decor accessories are modern trends that add interest and uniqueness to modern home decorating ideas.

5. Casual chic

Chandeliers made of transparent globes, egg-shaped lamps on marble bases, silver lining and bronze details bring chic and luxury into modern interior design, setting one of the most elegant latest trends in home decorating for 2015.

Glass globe chandeliers with shiny metal details

Home products, decor accessories and lighting fixtures from Arteriors Home.

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Leading 100 interior designers

Once every three years, after an phenomenal amount of research and wrangling, the House Garden editorial team compiles its list of the leading 100 interior designers in the UK, whose work anyone with an interest in decoration should know about. Let our editor Hatta Byng introduce you the2015 directory, on sale with the June issue.

F is for. Faye Toogood, a new entry

At House Garden. we pride ourselves on the wide-ranging styles of houses that grace the pages of the magazine every month. The same can be said about this meticulously compiled directory of those we consider to be the best interior designers in the country.

Revised and updated every three years, it’s not simply a hand-picked bunch of designers we know personally, or might like to use to decorate our own homes – though they are included as well. Rather, through extensive research and debate, we have cast our net wide to produce a list of 100 designers who probably have 100 different approaches. Each caters for different looks and types of interior, from the ultra-sleek and high-tech Knightsbridge penthouse to the pretty country cottage that is the perfect embodiment of a seemingly ‘undecorated’ look, and everything in between. Some designers require you to spend a fortune; others may even save you money.

I is for. Ilse Crawford, another new entry

As part of our research, we’ve consulted influential experts in the interior-design industry – be they rug designers or bathroom specialists – to find out whom they rate for talent and professionalism, and we’ve included some of their comments. What each of these designers has in common – with their vastly varied approaches and sizes of team – is that they all do their job with integrity, dedication and flair.

Our guide to the Leading 100 Designers is in our June issue. out now

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Biggers Funeral Home, a second generation firm located in Lake Worth, Texas, north of downtown Fort Worth, Texas, had been in their original location for many years until urban growth and highway expansion created operational problems for the original facility. The Texas Highway Department needed a significant portion of their property frontage, and traffic conditions [ ]

Information coming soon.

The Cress Center is the product of a total interior and exterior renovation of a 1960’s funeral home that was built in a very nondescript Prairie style. The facility is located on University Avenue, just minutes from the University at Wisconsin and the heart of Madison. The location could not have been better, but the [ ]

JST Architects designed a two-story addition at Cypress Lawn Funeral Home to the existing building which maintained the cemetery’s office’s Mediterranean character and California Mission style. The design utilized the existing building’s lower level as the customer arrangement center and merchandising area. The new building addition added a main entrance lobby element, visitation chapels, executive [ ]

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Welcome to Monnaie Architects & Interiors

Monnaie Architects & Interiors,a unique boutique architectural & design firm, stands in a class of its own. We are one of the leading company holding expertise in offering world class corporate architectural & interior designs to customers across the world. Different working areas from the company, provides exclusive affection and dedication to different section of projects involved by Monnaie. We proudly boast of owing and using all modern and advanced methodologies and infrastructure to create Dream spaces that are drop dead gorgeous and judicious.

Monnaie implies that there is more of an emphasis on Planning, Functional Designs and effective use of space involved in this profession. World wide travel experiences are communicated in the firm’s interpretation of lifestyles of the 21st Century.

To raise the prestige of India in the world by providing valuable and qualitative service to the society.

To be one of the fastest growing Architectural & Interior designing company in the world.

To impart spaces by consistently meeting one step ahead of customer expectations by providing value, quality and creativity to commercial and residential spaces.

To be an ethical corporate citizen forever.

Mix of traditional modern concepts.

Designer of Monnaie speaks in Ega-Jalak.

Manorama News Veed showcases Project Of Mon.

Amritha Tv Swapnakood shows the Monnaie s translation of.

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Coverage of Brands Academy Real Estate Award Ceremony.

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Monnaie s-Expert advice in Veed.

Mix of traditional modern concepts.

Mr.Sukoor Family a Happy family.

Family Anju Febi explain how our capabl.

Mr.John Iype showering blessings for team Mo.

Prof.Radhakrisnan explains neatly wor.

Cute family of Mr.Subair explains ho.

Know why would Mr.Sikendhar Pasha recom.

Monnaie is the best service provider sa.

Mr.Vipin Nair family appreciates Team Mo.

Dr. Nandakumar family appreciating profe.

Mr.Venkitesh Sharma family got a good se.

Mr.Sukoor Family a Happy family.

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interior design courses adelaide australia

Why study Design in Australia ?

Getting qualified in Design will improve your career prospects, and choosing an online course from an accredited Australian provider means you can study in Australia or from wherever you are, all at your own pace.

Design jobs in Australia

Australia has 47,022 Design job openings* and future employment for the Design industry in Australia is set to adjust by 88,700 jobs to 2018.

With the average salary for Design jobs in Australia currently sitting at $62,220, your studies will set you up for a solid career path.

Your competition in Australia

The current unemployment rate in Australia is 5.7% and the average age of job seekers is 37 years old.

A total of 11,645,500 people are employed in Australia out of a population of 23,625,031 – and 46% of those people in Australia are working part-time.

How will your studies stack up in Australia ?

Here’s a breakdown of the qualifications of people currently working in Australia :

  • The percentage of people employed in Australia with a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification is 29%
  • The percentage of people employed in Australia with a certificate III or higher VET qualification is 31%
  • The percentage of people employed in Australia without a post-school qualification is 36%

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Grab the corner of your browser
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Every day, new funeral home web sites are published. Funeral sites are gaining popularity, as more and more people turn to the World Wide Web as their primary source of funeral information. A leader in funeral web design, funeralhomewebsite.com has been specializing in custom funeral home web sites since 1999.Our classic designs stand the test of time.

Our mission is to design distinctive custom funeral home web sites that present the best first impression of you and your funeral home.

Each funeral home site is an original creation designed by our webmasters to suit your individual needs. We welcome your ideas and will create a funeral site just as you want it, with a look and feel unique to you.

Youcan use your present sign or logo, or we can create one for you. Special attention is placed on your funeral home’s appearance. Presentation and attention to detail are as important on your funeral web site as in your funeral home.

We understand the great pride you take in your work and try to convey it through your web site. A great funeral home web site is like a great funeral service, it will speak for itself.