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Tuscan Interior Design

Tuscan Interior Design

Tuscan Interior Design can truly turn a simple space into a fascinating abode. With a bit of influence of Tuscany. we envision the rustic scenery and architecture and aspire to grab a hold of it and keep it close to us. Is this what drives homeowners to desire such magnificent style? Probably along with a whole lot more. Tuscan style involves the use the natural colors and materials of Tuscany that beautify our homes.

Today, homeowners hire qualified Interior Designers to make their Italian style dreams come to reality. Not only do interior designers have the ability to capture and produce the ideas and specifications that you desire, but they are also able to help you orientate the many decorating options for every area of your home decor.

Choosing Designers for Tuscan Interiors

When choosing an Interior Designer, I recommend selecting a designer that specializes in Tuscan Interior Design. The benefit is that not only are they able to pinpoint and help you create exactly what your dream decor may be, but they also have the ability to introduce a wider range of ideas beyond imaginable!

More and more people are turning to Tuscan decor as their home decorating style of choice. We desire Tuscany s rich tones and sentiments that give us the quality lifestyle that we so often dream about.

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Bathroom Ideas

Unforgettable bathroom design is a key component of any home. Bathrooms are one of the first elements that buyers evaluate when purchasing a new house, and can instantly date an entire dwelling if not properly renovated. Outstanding bathroom design will instantly increase the overall value of a home as well as streamline your daily routine. Any great bathroom makeover relies on 3 key elements – functionality, cool modern features, and of course magnificent style. Whether you are working with small bathrooms or a large master suite, we will help you design a fabulous space to meet all your functional needs while adding great style to the home. Here you will find everything you need for a successful DIY makeover, from the top bathroom ideas of 2016 to handy renovation tips and everything in between.

Great bathroom design in 2016 incorporates a wide variety of key elements and features. From efficient layouts and beautiful bathroom paint ideas. to luxurious accessories – each are required to create a functional and stylistically cohesive space. It can oftentimes be overwhelming for the beginner do it yourself remodeler to embark on a complete bathroom overhaul without the guidance of an architect or general contractor. Our DIY experts have the tips and tricks to make any bathroom redo a simple and enjoyable process. Browse our free bathroom photos for fabulous design inspiration. Our seasoned interior decorators agree that trendy bathroom design pictures provide wonderful insight for the uninformed remodeler to discover the amazing potential of a space. Select your favorite layouts and décor schemes then find easy ways to translate these designs into your own bath.

There’s a variety of tools available to help DIY bathroom remodelers embark on a renovation. Our favorite product online is a free bathroom design tool that allows tech savvy homeowners to instantly experiment with layout and decor at the click of a mouse. This saves valuable time as it permits you to find the perfect blueprint prior to investing in materials. This exciting and new design software is particularly helpful for homeowners requiring very small bathroom ideas. DIY designers often complain that it is very challenging to fit all necessary elements into a limited layout while still achieving outstanding style. These fabulous design tools allow you to instantly replicate an exact floor plan then test placement of all major elements including the vanity, shower and toilet to find the most attractive fit.

Beautiful bathroom makeovers 2016 are a wonderful cost efficient way to single-handedly increase the overall value of your home while enjoying the new luxuries. Revamping a bathroom is a wonderful investment because it can instantly modernize an entire house. This does not mean that those new renovations need to drain your wallet. Even popular bathroom designs can be achieved on a budget. The key to achieving a cost efficient transformation, is selecting great bathroom design ideas for high impact areas that will most influence overall style and functionality, giving you the most bang for your buck. These elements include countertops, contemporary bathroom shower ideas and lighting features. Once major items are selected, you can find cheap ways to incorporate fabulous decorating ideas on a budget.

If you are searching for simple and creative ways to transform the look of that outdated space without spending an arm and a leg on a complete renovation, bathroom flooring and tile are fabulous areas to begin. Incorporating great bathroom tiling ideas will instantly modernize any drab or dated room. Beautifully tiled bathrooms are a highly desired feature in any home. When finished properly, they provide a classic elegance to all décor. Whether you prefer a rustic Tuscan look or trendy vintage styles, tile can be used to elevate any decor in your master bathroom design. Nothing will take a space from ordinary to extraordinary like a one of a kind bathtub refinishing in gorgeous glass mosaics or stylish black and white subway tiles. Browse our bathroom ideas 2016 to find the perfect look for your space.

A key DIY element in any bathroom decorating ideas are functionality. It is absolutely essential that your bath is arranged to make your daily routines quick and effortless. This includes not only the layout, but storage and organization as well. The best bathroom storage ideas take full advantage of the available space while providing an attractive means of stowing linens, toiletries and cleaning products. Organizing efficiently can utilize anything from decorative wall shelving to mirror units. Vanities for bathrooms often provide the most space for stowing items and, as such, should be carefully selected to optimize storage capabilities. Be sure to tailor your organization systems to the bathroom’s functions. For example, a guest bathroom should incorporate adequate space for spare toilet paper, hand soap and linens for friends and family to find easily, while a master suite may require additional compartments for hair styling tools, makeup cabinets, walk in closet and bathroom decor ideas perfect for 2016.

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Tuscan Decorating Style

Tuscan decorating style is warm and nature-inspired. Warm color schemes and rustic design elements are the key features of this style. Since nature inspired the Tuscan style the organic materials that are durable and warm are used to decorate the home. Tuscan homes were built of limestone or sandstone and no matter the rustic motifs marble was used in flooring and such decorative details as pillars and more. Tuscan homes also have patio or loggia and the roof is covered with Terracotta tiles.

The Tuscan interior design always comes in earthly tones and shades from olive, ochre, dark brown, rusty red, orange and yellow tones, and blues. The walls can be textured with special paints so you may want to opt for those. The textures of ceramics and iron decoration pieces can be softened with rich tapestry in floral prints, stripes and such embellishments as tassels and fringe.

The walls can also be decorated with Venetian plaster and faux finishes. Frescoes and murals are also common for Tuscan decorating style. Woven wall art and other tapestry can also be used to decorate the walls. Wooden beams give the house a rustic warm feeling that is essential for Tuscan decorating style. Hardwood is used in furniture and flooring. The furniture features clean and simple lines while ironwork is also used in decorations from furniture to tableware.

The outdoors of a Tuscan home is decorated with greenery of a surrounding garden and water wells and fountains. Statues made of marble are also common for outdoor decorating in Tuscan style. The home can be surrounded by sandstone brick walls and windows can feature wooden shutters.

The Tuscan style interior looks shabby but warm and beautiful. The surfaces are finished to look worn and old. Tuscan style is also great for going green since it uses many natural materials that don t harm the environment and are completely recyclable.

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Bathroom Design Ideas

Would you rather. spend a week in Japan or upgrade your bathroom into a Japanese spa?

The bathroom is one of the workhorses of the home. A bathroom is designed for function, gets a lot of use and has higher likelihoods of damage due to water and mold. Besides being a utilitarian room by design, it must also provide the dual function of being relaxing as well. Finding the balance between practical and beautiful is a challenge that is well worth the reward when designing a bathroom.

What do I need to consider in a bathroom remodel?

Like a kitchen, a bathroom remodel may require a professional. Plan your bathroom by exploring a lot of different bathroom layouts and styles. Build a list of your favorite bathroom ideas or a list for your favorite bathroom materials. Ideas to consider are things like tile or stone flooring, backsplashes or shower surrounds, making sure to note performance and durability. You’ll want to decide the kind of additional features you may want in a bathroom as well. Water-saving toilets, rain showers, dual sinks and other special features will likely affect the cost of the bathroom. Take a look at our guide to 10 Ways to Easily Transform Your Bathroom

What to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity?

Another key piece of the bathroom is the vanity. Out-of-the-box bathroom vanities are available online and at many home improvement stores and will be the most affordable option. However, for a more custom look, you can piece together a bathroom vanity with cabinetry topped with a material of your choice and a sink. When looking at bathroom vanities, storage will likely be a key part of the decision. Take a look at our guide on How to Pick a Bathroom Vanity for more tips or search our library of bathroom vanities to get some design ideas for your next bathroom remodel.

What type of lighting is good for a bathroom?

Bathroom lighting is especially important as there is rarely enough natural light to properly illuminate the space of a bathroom. There are many ways to light a bathroom including task lighting, vanity lighting, shower lighting, as well as fancier options such as bathroom chandeliers, pendants, or even specialized mood lighting to fill in the space. These options can seem overwhelming at first, but you can narrow down your options by taking a look at your bathroom. Do you have a claw foot tub? Does your shower have glass doors? Maybe try some vintage style lighting such as a bathroom chandelier. Do you have a sleek frameless shower? Modern recessed canned lighting with a dimmer switch might be more your style. To learn more take a look at our guide to Choosing the Best Bathroom Lighting .

Ideas By Room

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Bathroom Ideas

The best bathroom design ideas from the House Garden archive. Inspiration for cabinets, tiles, furniture, baths and showers for bathrooms large small, modern and traditional.

Thinking of redecorating your bathroom and don’t know where to start? There are so many elements to consider it can be mind-boggling – there are all the fittings, from baths and showers, to taps and sinks, vanity units and mirrors and then you’ve got to think about colour schemes and whether to go for a contemporary or traditional style. We’ve handily collated all our favourite bathroom ideas for your delectation. Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the house so it’s wise to include as much storage as possible, you always own more pots, tubes and bottles than you think and these are so much better stashed away in orderly fashion. Although white bathrooms can look ever so smart it’s important to make sure they don’t feel too clinical. Why not go for a cosy combination of wallpaper and colourful tiles? After all, a bathroom should be a retreat, the place you can sink into a deep bubble bath at the end of a long day….


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Specialist Interior Design Experts in Perth

Perth’s Leading Interior Designers

With over 20 years experience in interior decorating luxury residential home in Perth, Venina offers a range of interior design consulting services working with home owners, developers and builders. Our designers strive to create minimalist and contemporary designs while incorporating beauty and grace from classical designs.

Venina also offers individual room fit outs including Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, Studies, Entertainment Units and Cellars. Venina specifies all selection and fittings as well as providing floor plans, elevation and 3D designs.

Our interior design service also goes as far to give advice on appliances and to specify the jobs of particular trades. These are tailored to suit the client particular needs, and takes into account themes, space and budgets.

Venina can apply themselves to any residential or commercial situation as 20 years of experience has given them a great deal of knowledge that we are happy to use to the clients advantage.

Why Choose Venina Interiors As Your Interior Designer In Perth?

Our designers and decorators have the skills to create an effective interior design style for your home to suit your lifestyle and tastes.

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1800 102 3775 / +91 999 999 3775

Luxury Interiors

Top Luxury Home Interior Designers in Delhi NCR India

FDS specializes has the best team of Luxury Home Interior Designers in India. All high end design cases are personally handled by the creative directors ensuring exclusivity of the project. We source various high end materials from Italy, Germany China to create an ambiance that simply cannot be duplicated. With custom cut floorings, hand crafted washroom tiles, high quality fish leather, custom shaped chandeliers, wall art and many more high-line finishes; we ensure that your home becomes talk of the town.

Great care detailing is done for each component of the house giving a premium designer feel. All work is done by modern factories, international procurement or by a team of creative craftsmen that makes your dream home a piece of art. However we still ensure that everything is value for money you get the best without spending the most.

We have Home Interior Designers in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon who can visit your site immediately.

7 Step

FDS Quality Assurance

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International Sourcing

our clients:

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Tony Torres Interiors Inc

Welcome to Tony Torres Interiors Inc website!

What Makes for a Successful Project?

Unlocking your personal style is key when it comes to interior decoration. You have great ideas, but you need help in defining them clearly and executing them flawlessly. Interior designers and decorators have knowledge and skill to make your project not only meet, but exceed your expectations. A collaboration with such professionals will surely result in you turning your dream interior design into reality!

Tony Torres Interiors Inc offers some of the most experienced and capable interior decorators in the Denver, CO area. We have been around since 1994, and we have helped countless people turn their homes into an interior that suits and represents their style. Our team is renowned across the area for their professionalism, attention to detail and undeniable talent. We have worked on many projects – both big and small, and we always give our customers the personal attention they deserve. Your home can be a true reflection of you and your style – simply contact us! We are true experts when it comes to all typesdraperies and window designs . They shape your home interior. Do not hesitate to call an expert on this matter.

Apply your style to your home bycontacting us!

Call (303) 722-7406

A Professional and Creative Approach!

Here at Tony Torres Interiors Inc, we employ trained and professional interior designers with many years of experience in the business. They are dedicated to turning your interior decoration dreams into reality! Communication is the most important thing in a job like this – that is why we will thoroughly discuss every aspect of your project with you. You can trust us to take care of all aspects of your remodeling – from designing and scheduling to planning out the budget and the execution itself. There is no job that is too big, small or complicated for us – we will undertake each task with the utmost attention and professionalism.

You can count on us for taking your remodeling project to the next level. Tony Torres Interiors Inc is the preferable choice when it comes to interior decorators in the Denver, CO area. We are guaranteed to leave you completely satisfied with the results of our work!

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1,398 Denver, CO Interior Designers and Decorators

List your business here for free – Learn More

What does an interior designer do?

A good home design professional will hone your style down to its very essence and be able to choose a functional layout that feels natural to you. Interior design companies can be involved as much or as little as the client desires. Many clients who hire an interior decorator in Denver, CO — particularly those who are remodeling — have a good sense of how the room should look and what products they should use. Often clients will insist that interior decorators use the products already present in the house. Other times a designer will need to start from scratch — especially if this is a newly purchased or just-built home. An interior design company will need to figure out exactly what the client needs, which includes organizing rooms, picking flooring and wall colors, and finding furniture to complement it all. Sometimes that means he or she will have to recruit help from other Denver, CO home professionals to help create the perfect look for your renovation. Here are some related professionals and vendors to complement the work of interior designers & decorators: Architects & Building Designers. General Contractors. Home Builders. Design-Build Firms. Photographers.

Do your research before meeting with an interior designer or home decorator in Denver, CO. Ask yourself what you want your space to become and what it will be used for. Figure out the extent of what you need help with, what your must-haves are and what your budget is. Interior design services can add up fast, so be up front with a potential design firm or individual from the beginning. Also, pick an interior decorator that fits your style. Browse through the portfolios of different Denver interior design firms and decide if you would live in those houses. Just because you like something doesn’t mean you could live in it. There’s a big difference! You can find more interior designers & decorators in Indian Creek. Aurora. Lakewood. Thornton and Westminster.

Questions to ask when you meet with local Denver interior designers:

  • Can you give me a referral? (It makes a big difference to talk with a client who’s worked with the designer before.)
  • Can I see your design portfolio?
  • When will the home renovation be done?
  • Do you charge an hourly rate or a flat rate, or use the cost-plus method or a mixed method?

Find an interior designer or home decorator in Denver, CO on Houzz. Narrow your search in the Professionals section to find Denver interior designers near you. You can also look through Denver, CO photos to find a room you like, then contact the design firm who designed it.

Professional Categories in Denver

Professional Metro Areas

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Home interior decorating India: Stylish Spaces: Sanghamitra

It is rightly said that home is where the heart is. This transformation from ‘house’ to ‘home’ should always be a passion project. One can easily create a delightful and cosy home just by following a few simple steps. In today’s jet-setting world an ideal home should be no-nonsense, practical, clutter-free and easy to maintain, whether contemporary or eclectic. Effective space planning and innovative ideas are very important since living spaces are getting smaller every day. Do not be obsessed with ‘trends’; focus instead on creating a personalised space. Remember, a home speaks volumes about the home owner.

Always try to create a personalised look .Home is about an expression of individuality. Make your home more of you. Listen to your heart and never be afraid of experimenting with new ideas. Add a personal touch with accessories, art and books. Add a little ‘whimsy’ to your decor. Effortless style is the best and the so-called perfect look is too monotonous at times. Finding beauty in the imperfect is the real fun in design.

Colour,colour and colour. Colour can make a space cosier. Use seasonal colours and concepts for your home. Mix and match heavy, bright coloured upholstery and fabrics with lighter ones. A home may not be picture perfect always. Rather, a comfortable and practical home is desirable, where you can unwind with family and friends. At least for me, comfort comes first. A crisp, functional and easy space is really inviting after a long day. If you are opting for vibrant colours for your rugs, pillows and other upholstery, use lighter shades on your walls. It creates a perfect balance without going overboard.

Mix and match: Use Indian antique pieces and artefacts from different periods and mix them with modern ones. It adds a unique character to any space. Bold and beautiful fabrics can change the decor of a room completely. Take maximum advantage of natural light. Always incorporate plants and fresh flowers into your decor. It can do wonders. A simple flower arrangement can instantly uplift your mood and transform a regular space.

Mix various textures and material. Do not be afraid to experiment. Keep moving things around until you get the desired look. Using mirrors is a smart and innovative way of making a room look bigger and brighter. Try to avoid too many tiny patterns. They make a room look smaller. Incorporate things that soften the look; such as rugs, cushions and beautiful window treatments .

Never underestimate local fairs and flea markets. You may find some interesting pieces there. Display your possessions artistically instead of tucking them away in some closet. Be around things you love. Think out of the box and add some zing to your style. Know when to stop, it is your home and should not look like a museum.

Sanghamitra Bhattacharjee is a never-say-die traveller always thirsty for new experiences. An economist by training, an interior designer at heart, an avid photographer—all of these with diehard optimism and an open mind—exploring and enjoying the great journey of life while aspiring to contribute towards a happier world tomorrow.

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