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The Best Interior Design Ideas for your Conservatory

A conservatory is a fantastic edition to any home, and as soon as you have the exterior design you’ve dreamed of, you may be wondering where to start when it comes to the interior design. With any High Specification conservatory. you will want to ensure your innovative design is reflected on the inside. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best design ideas to help you start to channel your inner interior designer.

Think about the main purpose of your conservatory

What you and your family use your conservatory for will have a massive impact on how you will want it to look and feel. If it’s simply an additional room in your home, ensure the design flows with the rest of your interior; to stop the room from looking like someone has just stuck a room onto the side of your house.

Conservatories are most popular as a ‘sun room’ – a room in which you can enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of your own home. Therefore, keep furniture light to add to the airy element of the room. Invest in some clever storage systems to eliminate clutter and to keep the feeling of spaciousness. Plants also make a great feature of conservatories that are meant for sun rooms, as they add to the natural feel.

However, if you aim to use your conservatory all year round, you may want to invest in a few useful items that will be good for adding an element of warmth when the weather gets colder. Rugs, mood lighting and throws are all great for this, along with candles, to aid to the cosy feel of the room.

Get the elements just right

Choosing big items in your conservatory, such as flooring, furniture and lighting will be crucial for helping you to achieve your desired look. Think about whether you want the space to be traditional and classic or modern and up to date. This will have a huge impact on the pieces you chose, and aim to keep everything you’ve already purchased in mind each time you go shopping for additional items.

A great theme for conservatory interior design is vintage floral, as this will reflect the naturalness of the outdoors which will be so easily accessible, whilst being cosy and romantic. Select details like table cloths in beautiful floral prints and pretty throw cushions and lampshades to achieve this elegant and timeless look.

If the girlie chic look isn’t for you, another popular and simple look for your conservatory is the neutral feel; combining warm wood tones with beige and brown details to add to the element of modernism and warmth.

Don’t forget the practical elements

A conservatory is a great family room that all of you will enjoy, but it may take a bit of looking after in certain weather to ensure all of your furniture and details are kept looking in their prime. Consider investing in blinds for the windows to avoid the risk of your furnishings from fading and showing age. Also, think about fire safety aspects when choosing your furniture, and if necessary, ask the manufacturers for advice when having certain fittings in direct sunlight.


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Interior Design or Interior Architecture?

Jan 24, 16 9:47 pm

This has in turn increased the scope of the profession and led many interior designers to becoming more involved with architectural and technical aspects of interior design, and take away with the decorative, soft equipment side. There have been a number of factors over the last few decades that have increased the ambiguity of these titles, including the improvement of interior design education.

Mar 22, 16 3:58 pm

  • This must be late, but I need to be choosing my subjects for the final exams in year 11 and I wanna do interior architecture, and Im just wandering what subjects you chose. Thats all

Jun 3, 16 5:01 am

Hi Anaujj and all. Hope my opinion not late. Interior architecture and interior designer are somewhat same thing. Like most of the opinion I read here, interior architecture is the only phrase that is used to define someone working in interior designing field but could do few architectural work.

In my experience, interior design subject is very specific. So Anaujj, ask yourself. You like specific thing or you like to learn so many thing at the same time. Because architecture contains of so many subject. The outcome you can be an architect itself or an interior designer or an urban planner. In professional life, if later you want to be an interior designer, by having architecture as background, you can do it. The different thing is when you study interior designing, you will not learn much more about designing building or larger scale of space.

So, why dont u check the syllabus of interior designing and architecture so that you can compare and find out what you really looking for.

Jun 10, 16 11:53 pm

In the UK and other places interior architects do everything architects do except that they start with an existing structure. It can range from minor partition rearrangement to gut rehabs to additions and extensions. Interior in this sense is analogous to pre-existing. Conceptually, interior architects’ main concern is the (re)construction of interior space. Interior designers generally do not get involved in any structural reconfigurations and are concerned primarily with the interior atmosphere, as noted by Greta Tyson. There is, of course, great debate over the definitions and some interior designers would argue they do what interior architects do. It may be true in practice and/or for some individuals, but as taught the distinctions are becoming clearer. Interior architecture programs included a good deal of technology in their curriculum. Some schools distinguish interior architecture from architecture by the mere condition that it is for designers who aren’t planning on professional prescription by RIBA. It allows their programs greater freedom and scope because they do not have to structure their program according to RIBA criteria. It is an emerging field, with perhaps unclear boundaries, but a distinct centre.
http://www.iecuniversity.com /
hope that answers the question

Jul 21, 16 7:33 am

Hey guys, I’m currently studying interior architecture and design in Dubai. Just wondering if i should do masters in interior design or interior architecture (even though they’re pretty much the same). Also, if someone could suggest a really good university for my masters anywhere in the world i’d be thankful.

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36,507 Home Bar Design Photos

I want to build a bar for home use. Where do I start?

First, pick a location. Generally, people will build a basement bar or corner bar in an area near the kitchen or dining room. If you are limited in terms of available indoor space, an outdoor bar is an excellent option, especially during warmer seasons. Once you have secured a location, decide on what functionality you want to include in your space, such as sinks, storage and refrigeration.

Do I need a wet bar or portable bar?

Including a sink in the functionality of your new watering hole makes it a wet bar. Sinks are convenient if you choose a location far from your kitchen. Don’t need running water? You might think about going with a portable bar, which will enable you to conveniently turn any space in your house into a barroom or cantina. For portable options, try a fun cart.

What home bar furniture should I get?

Choose furniture that will coordinate well with the rest of your home’s decor. Seating and storage are essential, so look for bar stools and a liquor cabinet. If you are creating a freestanding station instead of using existing countertops, you will need a bar table, which are taller and shallower than regular dining tables. Check that your stool and table height work together before you finalize any designs.

What how should I decorate my home bar?

Accessorizing is the fun part of designing your space. Find a theme that you want to incorporate — think about what you might see at your favorite pub or alehouse. There are infinite styles of barware to choose from, but don’t stress too much about finding the right pieces, as these are easy to change out. Bottle openers, decanters, ice buckets, cocktail shakers and glassware are a few of the functional accessories to remember to pick up. Coasters, neon lights or signage will help you achieve the look you want, whether it’s a futuristic lounge or a historical saloon.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to stock up on your beverage of choice!

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Interior Design Ideas For Conservatories Orangeries

What’s The Difference?

The main difference between Orangeries and Conservatories is found in the structure, specifically in the walls. Conservatory walls are primarily made up by double glazed units whereas an Orangery features more brick built elements such as pillars and offer different roof designs which can involve a parapet.

Conservatories tend to offer a more versatile structure with straight forward construction and an open vision philosophy to the ‘outside room’ element of the space. Orangeries hold a more private feeling to them due to their brickwork and hold more focus on luxury.

With these differences in mind, the interior design for each extension should be approached separately. The feel of the room should replicate and compliment the process behind the design and structure to allow the perspective of the architecture to flow into the decorating of your home.

Decorating Orangeries

Follow Your Own Style

Many people paint their orangeries plain white or magnolia, sticking to the idea that all orangeries need neutral colours but honestly, that’s just not true.

Colour and light can completely redesign the mood of your room and its important that rather than conforming to public tradition you follow exactly the mood that you want your orangery to give off.

This could mean a bright coloured focal point, wallpaper or pastel shades. It may still mean magnolia or plain white, it doesn’t matter as long as you are staying true to what your vision of the room may be and are not afraid the buck the trend if necessary.

Declutter Your Furniture

When looking at furnishings and home accessories. think of the traditional history surrounding orangeries. An orangery is a luxury extension that holds an aura of privacy and mystery and that should be mirrored in your furnishing choices.

Rather than choosing a myriad of different tables, chairs, and stools, opt for functionality that offers a cleaner, sleeker look such as coffee tables that can be expanded or box seats that have hidden compartments that offer additional storage.

The aim here is to maintain a clean, clear space rather than overwhelming it with titbits and objects that hold no use and merely collect dust and clutter.

Capture The Garden

As an orangery doesn’t necessarily have the high quality visibility that a conservatory can offer with its double glazed units and wide windows, it’s important to bring the focus of the garden back into the extension.

One way of enrapturing the ‘inside/outside’ feel in your orangery is to furnish the room with plants, whether it is flower pots, small trees, fruit plants or palms. Take some time to research the exact conditions your plant will need, there are plenty of beautiful plants that flourish in orangery conditions.

Another way of encouraging a flow between your home and your garden is to connect the colour scheme of your orangery with the colour scheme of the flowers in your garden, ensuring that they compliment each other perfectly.

Decorating Conservatories

Match Your Style With Your Purpose

You need to identify exactly what your conservatory is going to be used for before you begin decorating. The likelihood is that you had a use in mind when your extension was being built, and whether it is to be a kitchen, family room or children’s playroom.

Plan your decoration around the intended functionality, for example for a light reading room use clean, fresh shades such as pastel blues and greens to encourage the open feel of the space.

Implement A Pop Of Colour

Rather than overdoing it and painting the entire conservatory one shade, pick a muted tone then introduce colour through your furnishings and home accessories.

You can tie your extension to the rest of your home by choosing a tone or shade that is echoed throughout the house, creating a consistent theme from doorstep to garden.

Another bonus of using furniture and objects to implement pops of colour in your conservatory is that when it comes time to redecorate you merely replace and rearrange your accessories rather than bother with the hassle of completely redecorating the room.

Dress Your Windows

As highlighted above, a key aspect of conservatories are that the majority of their design and structure is made up by double glazing units and windows. Dressing these windows should become a priority as leaving them naked and open can create a ‘goldfish bowl’ effect making you feel very open and exposed.

There are a lot of different options on the market and it can make a great deal of impact on the atmosphere of the room depending on whether you choose curtains or blinds, what style you go for and whether you buy them in a particular colour to continue the style in your home or whether you aim for a more muted tone to create a decluttered, fresher atmosphere.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width= 1/1 ][vc_separator type= invisible icon= star ][vc_actionbox type= primary title= See how we can transform your home message= Take a look at the range of products and solutions we have available to change how you enjoy your home today. button1= Show Me More link1= http://www.cherwellwindows.co.uk/all-products/ style1= secondary style2= primary ][/vc_column][/vc_row]

March 19, 2014 12:12 pm

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Find Your Degree

Interior Design Schools
In Washington DC

There are 3 interior design schools in Washington for faculty to choose from. The graphs, statistics and analysis below outline the current state and the future direction of academia in interior design in the city of Washington, which encompasses interior design training at the following levels:

  • Bachelors degree in Interior Design
  • Masters degree in Interior Design


Professional Trends

Washington DC Vs. Washington DC Interior Design Employment

Of the 550 interior design professionals employed in Washington DC, 1,220 work in Washington. The number of interior design professionals in Washington has shrunk by 21% from 2006 to 2010. As the employment for interior design professionals in Washington has decreased, overall employment in Washington has increased.

Washington DC Vs. Washington DC Interior Design employment growth

Educational Trends

Interior Design Faculty Salaries in Washington DC, Washington DC

Share Compare

Enter your salary to gain access to our continually growing higher education faculty salary database. Don’t worry! This is 100% secure and anonymous.

We are in the process of collecting data for the number of interior design faculty, growth in the field of interior design academia and interior design faculty salaries in Washington. Your anonymous submission of information regarding your career and salary will help us create a valuable career planning database for the benefit of interior design faculty at the bachelors degree in interior design, and masters degree in interior design levels in Washington. The data we have gathered thus far will be available for you to view once you have submitted your information.


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Top Interior Design Degree Program – Arlington, VA

Few schools in the Arlington area have top ranking interior design programs. Read on to find out more about what these top schools have to offer for interior design, as well as tuition and degree information.

School and Ranking Information

Students seeking an interior design program in Arlington can choose from among nine schools located within a 15-mile radius of the city’s downtown. Based on 2012 U.S. News World Report rankings and school information, the top choices in the Arlington area are Marymount University, George Washington University and Corcoran College of Art and Design. Both Marymount University and George Washington University offer programs that are accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA), a distinction enjoyed by just nine schools in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

  • Winner: Marymount University is the first university recipient of the American Society of Interior Designer’s Potomac Award (Washington Metropolitan Chapter, 2012). It offers both bachelor’s and master’s programs in interior design.
  • Runner-Up #1: George Washington University has a significantly higher graduation rate than the other top schools. It also offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in the field.
  • Runner-Up #2: Corcoran College of Art and Design, the only art and design school in the Arlington area, ranks third with bachelor’s and master’s programs.

School Comparison Chart

Areas of study you may find at George Washington University include:
    • Graduate: Doctorate, First Professional Degree, Master
    • Non-Degree: Certificate, Coursework
    • Post Degree Certificate: Post Master’s Certificate, Postbaccalaureate Certificate
    • Undergraduate: Associate, Bachelor
  • Visual and Performing Arts
    • Dance
    • Design and Applied Arts
      • Advertising and Commercial Design
      • General Visual Communications Design
      • Interior Design and Decorating
    • Drama and Theatre Arts
    • Fine Arts and Studio Art
    • Musical Arts
    • Photography, Film, and Video

Get Started with George Washington University

10 University of Florida

School locations:
  • Florida campus Gainesville
Areas of study you may find at University of Florida include:
    • Graduate: Doctorate, First Professional Degree, Master
    • Post Degree Certificate: Post Master’s Certificate
    • Undergraduate: Associate, Bachelor
  • Visual and Performing Arts
    • Dance
    • Design and Applied Arts
      • Graphic Design
      • Interior Design and Decorating
    • Drama and Theatre Arts
    • Fine Arts and Studio Art
    • Musical Arts

Get Started with University of Florida

Perfect School Search

10 Popular Schools

The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users.

  • Associate of Science – Design Studies
    • Diploma in Construction Electrician Foundation
    • B.S. General Studies – Fine Arts
    • A.S. General Studies – Fine Arts

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    Southeastern Interiors

    Home Interior Construction for Raleigh, NC Surrounding Areas

    It’s time to give yourself the home you’ve always wanted it’s time to call Southeastern Interiors.

    For over 20 years, the skilled team at Southeastern Interiors has provided incredible residential construction services to clients in the Raleigh area. We provide our customers the finest in craftsmanship, materials and support. all in cost-effective, timely manner and regardless of the size or budget of the project.

    Custom Remodeling, New Construction Interior Design

    So, why choose Southeastern Interiors for your residential construction project? As a fully-licensed and insured NC general contractor, we have a number of specialties we do it all! Beautiful home additions. remodels. window replacement and flooring services are all available to you we even build new homes and do commercial construction. too.

    Also, with the purchase of building materials and installation, we can provide interior design services from an ASID-licensed designer at no extra charge !

    From our office and showroom in Buies Creek, NC, Southeastern Interiors serves clients in Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Smithfield if you own a home in Wake, Durham, Harnett, Johnston, Lee or Sampson County. our professional and courteous staff is available to assist you.

    To contact us, call (910) 893-8486 or reach out to Southeastern Interiors online we can’t wait to work with you!


    “. We are thrilled with the result of their work and Greg was extremely conscientious of our needs. I will be very quick to hire Southeastern again in the future and will recommend you to any friends who have similar needs.”

    – Geof – Raleigh, NC

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    Conservatory Home Design Photos

    18,751 Saves | 0 Questions

    Make it grand and spacious – A traditional conservatory. with all-glazed timber windows, doors and roof, always fits in with period properties, and some of you may appreciate this style so much that you can find a way to make it work with a more contemporary property, too. Part of the charm of such a colonial-style conservatory can be that it doesn’t match the main property.

    Traditional conservatory in Philadelphia with a glass ceiling. Houzz

    wall cladding steads

    23,623 Saves | 1 Question

    Something extra – If you live in a cold-climate area but want to train an exotic climbing plant for colour and texture, you can grow them indoors if you have a transitional space between the indoors and outdoors that will act as a sun trap, such as this conservatory. Encourage tendrils to climb across the space by hooking up a rod at ceiling height for it to cling to. TELL US What is your favourite climbing plant?

    Traditional conservatory with a glass ceiling. Houzz

    Plant filled conservatory amylaurenbrown

    Town and Country Conservatories

    7,726 Saves | 0 Questions

    Hi there, Town and Country Conservatories is the manufacturer. Click on “more info” or visit our website at. to learn more about our conservatories and skylights. Thanks for looking!

    Design ideas for a traditional swimming pool in Chicago with a pool house. Houzz

    Pool house conservatory neal_woodcock

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    U-Home Interior Design Pte Ltd had been established since 1999 and have been committed to realizing our customer’s ideas of their dream homes. We have over 30 experienced and creative interior designers and dedicated project coordinators to provide you the best advice and service, and are specialised in: Interior Design Consultancy Renovation Works (Residential Commercial) Architectural (A A/Construction) FSSB Submission We are members of the following: Licensed HDB Renovators HDB Renovations Decoration Advisory Centre (RADAC) Approved BCA Window Contractor Case Trust


    3 review(s)

    Hi, they are good. Apparently, my friend is a happy walk away customer. Understand the after.service is very good, the workmanship is also ok. Most importantly they don’t give u headache, if u engage the boss directly -Henry, basically you can leave all the issue to him. My friend house was done 2 year ago, now she call him to have an additional cabinet to done up, he came down within the same week and get it done by two weeks time. I remember asking my previous ID to do additional carpentry, he asked me to get from IKEA.

    Extracted from Renotalk, 21 September 2011 07:24 PM, FriendUnited

    Renotalk | March 27, 2014

    My house also done up by U-Home paya lebar branch. Pleasant exp. Good ID and provide useful advise for first time owner like me. Recommended by friend whose house also done up by him.

    Extracted from Renotalk, 30 August 2012 10:41 AM, PBS

    Renotalk | March 25, 2014

    Our house just handover back to us last month. Overall experiences was a pleasant one except some minor problem which is still acceptable for both of us. We were recommended by our friend who gave reasonable fair remarks so we approached U-Home for more details. And of course, their quotation is not the lowest among the IDs that we met up.

    We were surprised that 2 perspective drawings were shown to us at no charge. Our ID patiently explained and guided us at every meeting.

    Basically no regret to engaged U-Home as our ID, my ID still responsive if there’s problems.

    Extracted from Renotalk, 21 August 2012 02:09 PM, RainieRain76

    Renotalk | March 25, 2014

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    Cool conservatory

    The walls if this conservatory have been kept light and bright with an ivory shade to maximise daylight. The colourful blind fabric and wooden dining table, bench and chairs provide the overall feel of a handcrafted, airy room.

    Pink conservatory

    Palms, ferns and orchids provide a tropical backdrop to a graphit table and delicate wirework chairs. Vivid pink glassware, napkins and cushions complement orchids in wrapped pots on a wooden table. Tealights and purple candles create a glow at night.

    Victorian country conservatory

    The conservatory of this Victorian house is painted in Teknos duck-egg, lavender and gardenia to complement the garden. Matching duck-egg wicker furniture from Holloways has striped blue cushions for contrast. Windows are large to let in light and make the most of the garden beyond. Pale terracotta tiles hide underfloor heating.

    Open conservatory storage

    Open shelving creates a practical storage solution in a conservatory or garden room, providing space for pretty pot plants along side decorative ornaments.

    Traditional conservatory

    A delicate palette of pinks, greens and terracotta floor tiles helps this Victorian conservatory blend into its natural environment. Traditional wicker furniture covered in a light fabric, is a good choice for conservatories as it won’t deteriorate through sun exposure.

    Pretty conservatory

    Extend your living area onto the veranda or conservatory by dressing chairs and tables with fabrics and accessories in the same colours and patterns. For a fresh, new feel, team modern fabrics with vintage furniture.

    Conservatory dining room

    This conservatory dining room combines classic wicker chairs with a rustic dining table for a homely look. Pretty informal blinds to match the seat cushions add a splash of hot pink to the sunny space. A green table runner looks great with grass green tableware, and a matching rug defines the eating space.

    Purple accents conservatory

    A mixture of feminine colours and patterns gives this conservatory a colourful update. The rich purple tones of the armchair and floor lamp work well with the lime green cushions and pink floral upholstery. A large leaf-design rug adds warmth to the floor, while chunky wooden furniture, like the coffee table, adds to the stylish yet comfortable look.

    Relaxing conservatory

    A neutral palette teamed with dark wood accents creates a modern, relaxing look in this conservatory. Cushions and a throw bring a comfortable vibe to the room, while displaying books and magazines designates this space as a reading and relaxing zone.

    Rustic conservatory dining room

    A rustic feel is achieved in this conservatory dining area with rattan chairs and a painted dining table. A conservatory can be a versatile addition to any house – by day a light-filled, homely living space and by night a cosy place to curl up and relax.

    Classic country conservatory

    This conservatory is furnished with a second-hand pine table and mismatched chairs to achieve a relaxed look. The glass roof allows as much light as if they were eating outside, but enables them to use the room in all weather conditions, while enjoying the view of the garden.

    Family conservatory

    A conservatory is an ideal space for family space to gather and unwind. Floor cushions and a beanbag cube create a relaxed atmosphere, while neutral fabrics keep the look light.

    Practical conservatory furniture

    Choose bright white cane furniture for your conservatory and take it out onto the patio when the weather is nice. Add plenty of cushions in zesty summer colours to add comfort and interest.

    French-style garden room detail

    The bold patterned Lewis Wood wallpaper in this room works well because the colours of the fabrics and furniture are in similar muted shades. Garden-style furniture like the Regency iron bench from Garden Antiques, round table and decorative chair from Marston Langinger bring the outside in. Simple Roman blinds keep the room airy and light and the bright candy stripes echo the seats on the bench. Sisal carpet from Crucial Trading is warmer than stone or tiles, and adds a subtle pattern.

    Country-style conservatory

    Vintage patterns work perfectly to create a country garden feel in this conservatory. Wicker is a great choice for adding a timeless, but traditional element.

    Open-plan conservatory

    A traditional-style conservatory has been added onto the back of this house to create a bright and airy dining room extension, while rich purples and hot pinks bring interest to the pale floor and white walls.

    White conservatory

    Create the perfect place to relax by choosing a large snuggly chair for your conservatory. Add glamour to a plain white one with cushions decorated with beading and embroidery. Choose an accent palette such as the greys and lilacs here and mix and match shapes and finishes.

    Natural textured conservatory

    Woven furniture is the natural choice for a garden room or conservatory. Here, white woodwork is the perfect, cool, light-reflecting backdrop for furniture in shades of grey and coffee.

    Eclectic conservatory

    The conservatory is filled with unusual objects bought from specialist furniture shops which create a unique and eclectic look. The distressed leather chairs are from Andrew Martin and the sofa is covered in fabric from Zimmer Rohde.

    Traditional conservatory

    Bring the outdoors indoors with a stylish traditional conservatory. Keep it light and bright with natural-toned floor tiles, comfortable rattan furniture and a selection of indoor plants. Toile panels, a metalwork screen and chandelier add a touch of glamour.

    Modern conservatory kitchen/diner

    A conservatory was built onto the back of the house to accommodate a spacious family kitchen. Pale wood cupboards, limestone floor tiles from Ideal Tiles and stainless steel appliances from MFI ensure it’s a bright and welcoming space. The eight foot long octagonal granite-topped island doubles as a dining table.

    Minimalist conservatory

    Less is more in this elegant conservatory where off-white walls and white floor tiles have a fresh appeal. The rattan table and chair set is perfect for a spot of afternoon tea and the two bronze geese bought at auction make great conversation pieces.