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Cottage-Style Design

A Cottage-Style Living Room

Designer Ken Fulk replaced one big coffee table with two African drum tables in front of the Ralph Lauren sofa in the living room of a California cottage. “They’re better for traffic flow than one of those huge knee-knockers, and easily moved to wherever we need them,” says Fulk. The galvanized steel French bistro chairs around the vintage dining table are from the Sundance catalog.

A Cottage-Style Living Room

Designer Ken Fulk replaced one big coffee table with two African drum tables in front of the Ralph Lauren sofa in the living room of a California cottage. “They’re better for traffic flow than one of those huge knee-knockers, and easily moved to wherever we need them,” says Fulk. The galvanized steel French bistro chairs around the vintage dining table are from the Sundance catalog.

Classic Blue and White

Designer Tom Stringer calls the rehab of this northern Michigan lake cottage Renovation-Lite, because he consciously avoided overhauling its charming eccentricities. A coffee table designed by Stringer holds stacks of old National Geographic s. “They added the perfect yellow punch. They’re so classic — just like blue and white. But we also knew they’d be great rainy-day reading,” he says.

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All-American Cottage

Designer Myra Hoefer kept the colors neutral in this all-American cottage. She added bright accents in the form of orange and blue throw pillows. Also designed by Gina Gattuso. Featured in June 2006 issue.

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Book Interior Design Karrie Ross


Your books design does not stop at the cover !

Book Interiors still need the professional layout and design programs which make all the difference to the final look of your book! Creating a book that looks wonderful from the inside out requires skill, time, a professional, and careful attention to detail.

My interior page layout services include the process of going through your book many times checking to be sure all formatting, special elements, and photo images are correct and that your book has a consistent nature , the look feel when read the idea is to keep the pages turning. I also look at your book interior sequence as well as your copyright page content.

In addition I make sure that the final product and digital files will be ready for printing and I will be available for the first print run to make any changes necessary if the files I send need attention.

But most of all I ll do my best to be sure your book is a pleasure to read.

Services Pricing


  1. project discussion and organizational guidance
  2. two proofs
  3. flat rate per page for basic straight text and up (see list below), calculated based on final page count and job specifics.

Pricing Examples — base pricing to begin with.

• Fiction: $4.50 per final page Straight text

• Non-Fiction: $6.00 per final page text has minimum sub heads, minimum bulleted lists, inline text pull quotes. For most non-fiction books.

• TBD — Photos/images/charts/graphics: there is an additional charge to convert and place within the interior running text. Contact me to discuss.

• Books of less than 100 pages are a base rate of $600.

Children books are priced differently and based on what is involved, the images and your vision, please ask me to quote them for you.

Allow 2 5 weeks for interior formatting and if I am also designing your cover, both can be done in the same time frame. PLEASE NOTE this mostly depends on your projects details and how long it takes for proofing. I ll need to see your manuscript OR get an approximate word count and content info from you, to questimate your interior. The file can be emailed to me. The best way to send your manuscript and images is to send them on CD, or by e-mail. I work best with manuscripts submitted as MS Word files. Email me for more information.

If your interior is already done — please consider scheduling an hour consultation for me to review the files so that they look the best possible.

Please contact me to prepare a quote for your interior page layout typesetting for fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, manuals, workbooks, technical reference books, etc. Email or phone me for more information

The inside of your book is just as important as the cover. And it s STILL about engaging your audience! They have to enjoy reading your content.

Having the same book designer complete both your cover and interior design can best maintain quality and consistency of your book files. I would like to be that person for you. I love typography. Type form is true design and making a book easy and enjoyable to read fills me with just as much joy as designing a dynamic cover a feeling of great accomplishment.

I believe in making your interior copy easy to read so the viewer wants to keep reading it! A well designed and organized book interior is just as important as a professionally designed book cover. People are more attracted to visually appealing designs that look like care was taken in their production. Therefore, adding to the success of your overall self-publishing book sales and acceptance in main stream publishing.

In addition to creating a design that incorporates all the necessary elements and your manuscript together in a pleasing layout, the final product and digital files will be ready for printing.

I ll make sure your files are problem-free when sent to the printer and I will be available for the first print run to make any changes necessary if the files I send need attention.

But most of all I ll do my best to be sure your book is a pleasure to read.

If you don t find the answer to your questions here, please Contact me and lets start your project today.

Extended Project consulting/coaching, marketing, advertising, promotion PR, organization and more. Learn more about my Consulting Services.

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Book designer David Moratto, professional interior book designer

Kelly Morisseau, ‘ Kelly’s Kitchen Sync ‘

Walnut Creek, California, U.S.A

It was a pleasure to work with David Moratto on my book interior for Kelly’s Kitchen Sync .

I knew from looking at his website that he had the experience to help make my book professional. David was responsive, made changes quickly, and offered some excellent suggestions on to make the interior flow.

His background also as a graphic designer meant I didn’t have to outsource my graphics which was a definite bonus.

I look forward to get my next book finished so I can work with him again. His skill and expertise was worth every penny.

Kelly’s Kitchen Sync

Rawl Grant, ‘ Indigo, My Latin Tongue ‘

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

You are a impressionist. Thank you, it looks great!

Mary Goodman, ‘ Make Banks Compete ‘

Co-founder and CEO of Bottom Line Up Enterprises, Author

David, is amazing! It’s because of his layout and design that the text and tables flow flawlessly from page to page. He’s phenomenally talented and one of the most skilled, dedicated and diligent people we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Thank you for the remarkable work you’ve done and for your patience and guidance.

By the way, every time we pick up the book we are blown away with how good it looks!

Nicole Wright M.A. Social Anthropologist

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

At Museum of Moments, our clients receive the highest quality service and products. An experienced book designer, David uses a blend of original designs and new styles to create one-of-a-kind, unique books – just as our clients are unique!

Brian Hester, ‘ Life On The Rocks ‘

Vineland, Ontario, Canada

When I was preparing memoirs for publication, I used David Moratto’s services for the design and arrangements of illustrations as well as for the format of the cover. He displayed considerable talent in this respect and was most helpful with suggestions. I was very pleased with the outcome. The final presentation has drawn favorable comments from readers. David has my authority to show the book to potential clients. After this experience with David, I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone contemplating using them.

2011 © David Moratto. All rights reserved. Designed and Created by David Moratto.

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Top 10 Interior Design Books – Most of interior designers need inspiration, education and coaching in order to succeed in business—they also need a proper arsenal of books. Here it is a list of ten must-have books that will make your interior pop with pomp and circumstance. And for you last minute stocking-stuffers, these hardcovers are built to last!

1. The Big Book of Chic by Miles Redd ( Assouline ). New York-based designer is known for bold color combinations, use of antiques and for possessing a magical flair for the quirky and unexpected. Glean inspiration from the luminous array of glamorous images!

2. Celebrate A Year of Festivities For Families and Friends by Pippa Middleton ( Viking Adult ). Princess Catherine ’s sister has revealed the secrets to throwing a memorable event with recipes and tips that will surely inspire your next party.

3. Simple Pleasures by Cornelia Guest ( Weinstein Books ). A longtime animal rights activist, philanthropist, businesswoman and daughter of fashion icon C. Z. Guest and Winston Frederick Churchill Guest, this book reveals the secrets of understated elegance minus the fussy food and pretension.

4. A Visual Life: Scrapbooks, Collages and Inspirations by Charlotte Moss ( Rizzoli ). New York designer is an icon of Southern warmth – hospitality, practicality and, of course, luxury. This book is devoted to gleaning design inspiration from the personal scrapbooks and notebooks of great women of style, including Elsie de Wolfe and Gloria Vanderbilt. famous mother of CNN’s Anderson Cooper .

5. Timeless Interiors Kathryn M. Ireland ( Smith, Gibbs Publisher ). One of the stars of Bravo TV ’s “ Million Dollar Decorators ,” this is a must-have book for all those obsessed with bohemian chic and vivid patterns like paisley, ikat, and madras.

6. Cohler on Design by Eric Cohler ( The Monacelli Press ). Famous for his expert mixing of high- and low-end pieces, Cohler is a master at capturing an individual client’s personality and style. This dynamic visual tour de force is chock full of accessible tips and tricks that will help to make your design idea into a fantastic reality.

7. Ann Getty: Interior Style by Diane Dorrans Saeks (Rizzoli). Get an insider’s view of the exquisite designs of influential designer and philanthropist Ann Getty. This is a perfect read for those obsessed with the highest level of craftsmanship and incredibly rare antiques.

8. La Formentera by Juan Montoya (The Monacelli Press). Benefit from a rare opportunity to see the interior of a gorgeously charming, rustic stone-and-wood house designed by Juan Montoya.

9. Interior Design Inspiration by Lars Bolander ( teNeues ). The pioneer of Swedish design shares his passionate, eclectic and highly personal interiors in this stunning showcase. Featuring a vibrant mix of comfort, adventure and art, discover a fascinating collection of images that accurately highlight the creative gifts of this gifted decorator.

10. American Beauty by Thom Felicia ( Random House, Inc ). Featuring a foreward by “ 30Rock ” star Tina Fey. the book illustrates the renovation project of a weathered-looking house located in an idyllic village near Syracuse, New York. Best known as the design expert on TV’s “ Queer Eye for the Straight Guy “, Felicia transforms the house into a quirky abode that redefines ‘Americana.’

A La Carte: Elements of an Elegant House by Sherrill Canet ( Pointed Leaf Press ). New York-based interior designer offers readers a tutorial in decorating in a range of styles from Old World traditional to chic and tailored.

Made to Order by Campion Platt (The Monacelli Press) Clean and simple design coupled with an embrace of color, beautifully crafted millwork, and environmentally friendly materials are hallmarks of the work of celebrity interiors maverick, Campion Platt. Marvel at the lavish array of over 200 images, engaging commentary and original sketches. This book is sure to please!

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A Man s Guide To Knowing Your Interior Design Styles

Interior design styles are kind of like Kardashians. It feels like new ones keep popping up with no end in sight, and the average guy has no idea how to tell them apart.

In the face of a new home improvement project, you’re probably tempted to skip straight to the DIY part where you get to flex your muscles and show off your ability to use power tools – but before you turn your home into the disappointing version of a Benny Benassi video. you need to know what kind of space you re creating in the first place.

The following list of interior design styles isn’t definitive, but rather a selection of some of the most common or popular styles you’re likely to see because…well…we just can’t name them all. But in our defence, we can’t name all the Kardashians either.

Key Interior Styles

Modern design is rooted in minimalism. Function is the focus, so lines are clean, decorative elements are subtle and accessories are kept to a minimum. A modern space is likely to feature a neutral colour palette, polished surfaces, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry. Though some find modern design too harsh or cold, others find it calming and appreciate its ability to maximize a small space.

The terms “modern” and “contemporary” are similar, but not interchangeable where interior design is concerned. Modern design means a specific style, while contemporary can only mean trendy looks that are in style at any given moment. Contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered and dark. Smooth, clean, geometric shapes are essential, as is structural furniture and an emphasis on basic shapes and forms. Accents are graphic elements in artwork and occasional pops of bold colour.

Minimalist design takes a ’less is more’ approach to interior decorating. Everything is stripped down to its most basic state to achieve a Zen-like simplicity. Straightforward geometric forms, little ornamentation, simple materials and the repetition of structures put the focus on the essential quality of the space, rather than the objects that fill it. Minimalism is ideally suited to large, open spaces with natural light and cleverly hidden storage.

Order, symmetry and balance are the key elements of classical interior design. Classic spaces are often built around a focal point, like a bed or a feature fireplace, that forms the centre around which visual balance is achieved. In addition to the mirrored setup, classic design is characterised by natural colours, elegant (but not overly ornate) fabrics, and natural flooring made in wood, stone or marble.

Urban design blurs the line between domestic and industrial. Think concrete floors, exposed beams, metal siding, galvanised steel and unfinished surfaces. Unique, non-functional objects (at least in terms of a living space) are often used as features to create a distinct look that is both modern and bohemian. Urban interiors are often designed to create open space, sometimes in surprising ways, and allow for multifunctional rooms.

Once the definitive style of the ‘20s and ‘30s, Art Deco is now known for its industrial materials, lacquered wood and sparing use of colour. Deco furnishings are streamlined and geometric, with rounded fronts, sleek lines and mirrored accents. Lighting is especially important in this kind of design. Ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps are all used in union, typically emitting orange or yellow light that warms up the otherwise-sleek space.

“Everything old is new again,” as the saying goes. That’s the philosophy behind retro design, which gives old styles a modern twist. In this style, classic and contemporary mix together to create a space that is entirely unique and individual. Retro design elements can include materials, gadgets, shapes, objects or colours – anything from the past that can be reimagined in an eclectic space for the present.

If you want to live in a cottage without having to deal with that pesky “actually living in a cottage” thing, give your pad a country makeover. This is your chance to scour flea markets and antique shops for rustic furnishings and handmade decorative doodads (or, if you’re feeling especially creative, to put your DIY skills to the test). Country style is cosy and comfortable but sometimes cluttered, so it’s not ideal for a small space.

Let’s just say Rococo style is not for the faint of heart. It harkens back to the flamboyant interiors of 18 th century Europe, where intricate, ornate features were the order of the day. From the gold plasterwork, to the gilded mirrors, to the decorated ceilings, to the mahogany wood and rich fabrics, everything is over the top. Rococo is particularly known for the combination of gold and pastels and its sensuous, curved lines. Let s be honest, this is rubbish.

The Georgian style takes a uniquely international approach to interior design. Much of it is inspired by Ancient Greece and Rome, but Chinese influences also show up in flower motifs in fabrics and porcelain accessories. Colour schemes are pale and subtle, in contrast with more audacious floral patterns, gold and wall murals. Georgian furniture is delicate and elaborate, with ball-and-claw feet, ornate carvings and luxurious fabrics. A fireplace frequently is the centrepiece of the Georgian room.

If there was a scale of interior design styles, Victorian would sit directly opposite minimalism. The Victorians never met a detail they didn t like. Excessively decorative furniture, ornate accessories and flamboyant ornaments fill a Victorian room. Colours are deep, textures are rich, materials are exotic. But it s not all extravagant; to contrast the opulence of the rest of the space, Victorian floors and walls are typically plain. This is what Ron Burgundy s office would look like.

Eclectic style is here to save the day for the indecisive interior designer. As its name implies, it s a catch-all approach to décor that borrows elements from other design styles. But don t mistake that for an excuse to throw together anything and everything. Yes, eclectic interior design is about inspiring imagination with unexpected contrasts, but the space still has to look cohesive. Blends of patterns, textures and colours are common, but they are thoughtfully curated in order to create a space that’s surprising but still visually pleasing.


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Interior Page Design

If you think readers don’t or can’t discern between book pages “designed” with a word processor and those done by a professional, you’re wrong. A professionally-designed interior gives your book instant credibility with buyers. Designing and preparing book pages, whether for print or eBooks, goes well beyond setting the margins and choosing fonts. A professionally-designed page must meet the following minimum standards:

All facing pages must end on the same baseline without the first line of a paragraph landing on the bottom of a page, or the last line of a paragraph landing on the top of a page.

No paragraphs where the last line consists only of a word with less than five characters (including punctuation) or a word fragment (the stub end of a hyphenated word).

No “ladders” (too many hyphens in a row) and no hyphenated compound words, both of which distract the reader.

No word stacks—when the same word falls one above the other on several consecutive lines of text.

No overly tight or loose lines.

No “rivers” of white in the text—word spaces that fall in a pattern that is distracting to the reader.

No pages ending in a hyphenated word. Readers don’t want to hold a thought while the page is turned.

The last page of a chapter should have at least four lines of text.

Interior Page Design Services

1106 Design s professional page layout design services include the following:

Two custom interior design samples, where we show you our ideas for the text design. We’ll work with you on these samples until you are completely satisfied. We never use templates; we always give your book a unique look compatible with your subject matter.

Typesetting your book to professional standards.

Proofreading your book. (Yes, a final round of proofreading using The Chicago Manual of Style as a guide is necessary. Please trust us or you will release a book with errors!)

Prices are for black and white books up to 50,000 words, 6 9 or smaller, with fewer than 10 images to place and 20 sidebars. If your book contains tables or your specs differ, please e-mail or call us for a custom quote .

Price includes proofreading and two hours of revisions. Additional revisions are chargeable at $99/hour. (One or two changes per book page can be completed within this time limit. To avoid additional charges, please finalize your manuscript before the book design process begins.)

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The 10 Best Interior Design Websites

Like all ten best lists this one is purely “IMAO” (In My Arrogant Opinion). These are sites that, for me, capture the moment, extract the best from the physical world of interior design, and convert it in inspiration. So without further ado, in reverse order for greater dramatic effect, here they are: 10. This Ain’t No Disco (it’s where we work). The world’s funkiest workspaces, beautifully photographed. http://www.aintnodisco.com 9. Wallpaper The sumptuous magazine converts chicly to the web. The internet format allows the incorporation of rich media. Even their video skin is annoyingly cool. http://www.wallpaper.com/interiors 8. Dezeen With a simple mission to
.

Like all ten best lists this one is purely “IMAO” (In My Arrogant Opinion). These are sites that, for me, capture the moment, extract the best from the physical world of interior design, and convert it in inspiration.

So without further ado, in reverse order for greater dramatic effect, here they are:

10. This Ain’t No Disco (it’s where we work).

The world’s funkiest workspaces, beautifully photographed.

9. Wallpaper

The sumptuous magazine converts chicly to the web. The internet format allows the incorporation of rich media. Even their video skin is annoyingly cool.

8. Dezeen

With a simple mission to “bring you news of great projects before anyone else”, they generally do. The site is cleanly designed and the photographs sagely selected.

7. Apartment Therapy

With a tag line like “saving the world, one room at a time”, you can guess that apartment therapy is more oriented to practical interior design than distant dreams. The site explores the ordinarily elegant, and while the photography could often be better, the realness is refreshing.

6. Mira en tu interior

101 fun things to do with vinyl. From Spain.

5. getdecorating.com

I can’t think. My muse has abandoned me. I can’t do it. Hang on, here are fourteen thousand, one hundred and eighty two photos. That’ll help.

4. Interior Design

The mechanics of the site are a little clunky, but the content is hard to beat. Full projects explored and a great source of inspiration.

3. Architonic

Over 45,000 products from 4,500 designers and 1,400 manufacturers. And I thought there was a lot of stuff in Ikea.

2. Plan My Room

Is there any better way to spend a wet Saturday afternoon? Probably, but this isn’t bad either. The room planner software is intuitive and easy to use.

And finally. wait for it.

1. Ikea Hacker

They haven’t repossessed my home yet. Until they do, I’m going to fill it with Ikea furniture and punk the heck out of it.

By Hamish Sterck

  • Ranked among top Regional Universities in the South by U.S. News and World Report in 2015.
  • Ranked 37th among the Best Colleges for Veterans by U.S. News and World Report in 2015.
  • Stands as the largest private, nonprofit university in the nation with 100,000+ students.
  • Offers over 230 programs online, from the certificate to the doctoral level.
  • Has a student-faculty ratio of 25:1, and 42.3% of its classes have fewer than 20 students.

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Company History

Over 10 Years of Delivering Amazing Office Fitouts for Australia’s Most Recognisable Brands

Established in 2003, Construction Zone have worked for over 10 years with some of this country’s most recognisable and innovative brands and companies. Throughout this time we have garnered a reputation for performing retail and commercial office fitouts with impeccable skill and expertise. Operating throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and surrounding Australian locations, our focus is on providing our client’s with the most impressive outcomes as well as comprehensive and reliable project management, ensuring that every project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Amazing outcomes and commercial spaces

As a renowned and established shopfitter, we are dedicated to providing exceptional results for each of our projects. We deliver the highest quality outcomes through our dedicated project managers who are focused on achieving every aspect of your commercial interior design plans to the level of finish you demand. Our fully comprehensive service includes hospitality, café, Quick Service Restaurant and corporate office fit outs and refurbishments. We provide a total end to end solution including design, building permits, planning and construction. We provide corporate solutions in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and all across Australia.

Our values and philosophy

Our values are integrity, expertise and passion for delivering results. To create state of the art retail and commercial spaces for clients. We are dedicated to delivering seamlessly positive outcomes to the exact standards that our clients demand.

Today Construction Zone is a leading national shopfitter with a reputation for quality retail and commercial fit outs. Operating throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and throughout Australia, our focus is on providing our clients with amazing service and quality projects.

From humble beginnings Construction Zone has grown over time based on our integrity, expertise and passion for delivering state of the art retail and commercial spaces for clients. Through our dedication to these principles has grown to be a leading provider of commercial office, retail and hospitality fit outs.

Company Certifications

Construction Zone is an accredited shopfitter with all major shopping centre groups throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and the rest of Australia. We have an in-depth understanding of all shopping centre compliance and policy requirements and have established relationships with all centre RDM’s to ensure that your project will achieve the exact specifications of your commercial interior design plans.

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Living Room Gallery

Despite the style or theme you choose, one thing that remains relatively consistent across designs are the trendiest paint colors. While lighter shades of green and yellow are distinguishable of French country décor, and softer blues and pinks are characteristic of a cottage theme, these pale hues are expected to be among some of the top living room colors for 2016. regardless of the design style. Create a monochromatic color scheme by using varying shades of blue, contrasting the pale hues with darker ones. Using grey, black, and dark brown to compliment electric hues such as orange and yellow is another trendy look that can be seen in a myriad of our colorful images of living rooms. While these vivid, multi-colored hues are most prevalent in vintage eclectic styles and transitional themes, some homeowners might prefer a toned down scheme and opt for a more traditional design. In our décor pictures of traditional rooms you will notice more subdued hues of maroon, gold and burgundy paired with brown wooden furniture and ornate metal fixtures.

Living Room Design

In contrast to the rustic grace of traditional décor, ultra modern home design styles are known to incorporate shiny chrome fixtures or accent pieces, dark colors such as black contrasted with brighter more vibrant shades of red, fuchsia or cobalt, and smooth, sleek looking pieces of furniture. Additionally, in a modern style living room photos can be an essential component of the décor. Colorful abstract paintings look great with the chic decorations that are often found in modern style living room décor while black and white images hung on a wall painted an intense shade can create a classy look. Search through our pictures of modern living rooms to find other stylish and decorative ways to incorporate this look into your new home. Whether you do the remodeling your self or hire a professional interior designer, the lustrous, modish look of the modern style is sure to provide you with a cool living room makeover that you will love for many years!


The living room is a place where most people entertain guests, have movie nights with friends and play board games with family so it is important to make this space as functional as possible. It is not difficult to integrate functionality into the décor of family rooms as it can easily be accomplished with simple do it yourself projects. Some of these simple diy home design ideas can include tasks such as building shelves to store board games and books, installing over head lighting, or purchasing a cabinet to enclose your television and DVD player. Provide adequate seating for your family and guests by purchasing not only a large sofa, but also a comfortable love seat, or decorative arm chairs. Ottomans are great for putting your feet up and relaxing, but they can also double as storage space if you purchase ones with removable tops where you can hide extra blankets or throw pillows. These foot rests can even provide extra seating during family game nights and add a nice, ornamental touch to decorated living rooms.

Interior Decorating

In our wide selection of free interior design ideas pictures of living rooms you will see a variety of different flooring options, methods to increase seating, creative lighting ideas, and even unique shelving solutions that will allow you to conceal personal items to keep your space clean and organized. For large or growing families, some of the best home decor ideas for a living room involve putting in over-sized couches and huge sectionals that allow the extra comfort of spreading out during movie nights. Placing a decorative area rug in front of the sofa will also provide a soft place for family members or friends to relax. Floating shelves are a new and popular trend that sequesters the bulk of the unit onto the wall, therefore opening up floor space for other items in the room. Display picture frames or other accent pieces on these shelves or line up decorative baskets to store magazines and other miscellaneous items. Utilizing our online galleries and other great pics of living room designs will help you alter your current interior furnishings into ones that resemble a dream home.

diy Home Design Ideas 2010 – All Rights Reserved

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2014’s Hottest Trends on Display at the Interior Design Show

Last Thursday saw the return of the annual Interior Design Show, launching as always with The Party: a private industry-only event where design insiders come together to mix and mingle, and preview the exciting new products and creations on display.

This year, I found a lot of inspiration on the show floor, walking with friend and fellow Cityline guest designer Karen Sealy, and thought I would share an insider’s perspective on the exciting trends and behind the scenes happenings with any of you who weren’t able to come see it all in person.

•One of the strongest trends I noticed throughout the show was a combination of gold with green. Warm metals have returned after years of chrome and silver, and cool greens are a classic counterpoint to this regal finish. This was especially well captured in the Cocoon scheme — the boutique is one of my favourite hidden gems.

•I always enjoy having some time to chat with the faithful suppliers I work with for both client projects and my media appearances, and after featuring IKEA in a recent Cityline segment I was happy to see their creative showcase in person. Their logo was rendered in beautiful gold foil on a soft grey — another key trend colour — and this sense of mixing regal glam with modern sleekness was present throughout. Embracing a love of excess, their kitchen included four dramatic crystal chandeliers (not part of their own collection), while in the living area an antique daybed contrasted with their iconic Swedish styles. Mixing their affordable pieces with your existing treasures is really the key to creating a complete look. Am I discerning a newly emerging trend here of antique meeting Swedish modern design?

•Another colour trend to watch was the light and delicate shades on display in places such as the Urban Barn booth: soft pink especially was a featured colour that can easily blend into various schemes to add a little extra life without overloading your senses. Mixing this near-neutral shade with equally pale grey achieves a timelessly sophisticated elegance.

•Wood is a classic material, but it has been embraced in an even bigger way this year, appearing in all forms of interior objects from furniture to lighting. Inde-art’s reclaimed wood kitchen cabinetry highlights this trend while working to reduce environmental waste for a stunning result.

•Jenn-Air’s booth featured their “floating glass” finish in white, which allows a white kitchen to blend the appliances and sleek white cabinets together for a fresh, luxe look that stands out from the popular stainless steel options of the past few years and feels very 2014.

A few stray observations:

•We said hello to Sarah Richardson and got a sneak preview of her new fabric line she’s debuting exclusively through Kravet — it’s so beautiful and so Sarah.

•Later I spotted my dear friend and Cityline cameraman Patrick — stay tuned to the show (9 a.m. on City) to get your own inside look!

•Rollout’s “shattered light” wallpaper creates the effect of a fractured wall panel with glowing light pouring through — just one of their many artistic creations.

•Another neat idea from the IKEA booth: their full wall cabinets featured sleek handles that would usually be installed vertically — here they were installed on a diagonal for a unique effect without spending a cent more. Sometimes the best things in design are free!

•I liked how Design Lump explained their vision of a lamp: “A lamp isn’t just a lamp. a lamp is also a decorative fixture that says a lot about a room.” Their brass legged Focal Point lamp (with bright green cord creating a feature) was certainly more than just a functional task lamp.

•You know my love of kitchen and bath design, and I found two spectacular new faucets: Axor Starck Organic by Hansgrohe has the appearance of an organic branch or growing plant, while the Luna faucet by Graff (available at Taps) uses a very long, elegant form hung from the wall to bring water down to the sink below while creating a statement wall feature. I also loved the memorable red bathtub courtesy of Produits Neptune.

To keep up with me and all my design adventures, check in with my blog at www.tidg.ca/keepupwithyanic .