Room Ideas

Our motto: Never let square footage limit your decor choices.

You know, it doesn’t have to be white.

Create the ultimate entertaining space with these gorgeous ideas.

In colors ranging from lime to mint, these gathering spaces are for green lovers.

There’s no shrinking violet in the bunch.

Go from a tight squeeze to your favorite hangout.

It doesn’t get more American than this.

Go beyond track lights and fluorescent fixtures with stylish options that make a statement.

Kick back under the sun with these stylish designer ideas for outdoor rooms.

Because beige is no way to start the day.

Steal these ideas to create a calming space that will ensure the sweetest dreams.

Allow these culinary hot spots to stir up major inspiration for your own home.

Wait until you see the stunning stonework.

Grey may be trendy, but it’s also incredibly versatile.

Welcome to the ultimate snuggle zone.

We’re seeing green.

Good design can set the scene for a more productive you.

They’re the blank canvas for a perfect kitchen.

All of these ideas totally finish the room.

These spaces are truly heavenly.

A countertop is to a kitchen what a statement necklace is to an outfit make yours speak to your home’s personality.

No regrets, guaranteed.

It’ll feel like a spa in no time.

We’re seeing red . and blue and yellow and white.

A dramatic purple will pop in the dining room.

Sky-high cabinets and mirrored backsplashes are your friends here.

It’s bold and timeless at the same time.

Whether you favor bold brights or sleek neutrals, channel this design inspiration to create a spa-like oasis.

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